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A not-so-often used phrase which can mean multiple things:

1) (V) The act of sticking one's scrotum into a taco. It is optional whether to attempt to cook it or not.

2) (ADJ.) A synonym for crouching repeatedly over a dead player in an FPS like HALO or CoD.

3) (V) What someone does to celebrate a goal in a game of rugby/football. After touching the ball down, the scorer leaves it on the ground and does push-ups with their crotch over the ball.
1) JOHNNY: Man, school was a real f*cker today. I'm

gonna go do a taco touchdown.

JAMES: Ooh, I'll bring the sauce!

2) JOHNNY: Eat lead, James! *machine guns him to death*

JAMES: Oh no, not the taco touchdown!

3) JOHNNY: *scores tri and starts dry humping the ball*


JAMES: Ah sh*t, not again...
by iDWiA739 September 22, 2011
A) (NOU.) American slang for one's bottom.

B) (NOU.) A mule or donkey.

C) (ACR.) Acronym meaning "After School Shit". This referrs to the dump you take when you get home from school. Usually after eating something but before homework. For many people, this is the only crap they take during the cycle of weekdays.
A) JOHN: Hey let's go to the party and look at some ass!

JAMES: Oh yeah! Dibs on Tiffany!

B) JOHN: *smirks* Look at that ass.

JAMES: Eww, it's hairy!

C) JOHN: *tweeting* just got home from skool, gonna take an


JAMES: *tweeting* yeah me 2. just did a rly big 1, want a

by iDWiA739 October 12, 2011
Something I think I should clarify, because about 90% of the people before me haven't given him the thanks he deserves.

Steve Jobs is the co-founder and former CEO of the famous company Apple. He is part responsible for giving the world the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and the computer mouse. Not to mention the worlds safest, most stable, easy-to-use and surprisingly compatible operating system (OSX) and computers (iMacs and MacBooks). Steve Jobs was a legend and one of the modern world's greatest technological masterminds. Credit, of course, though, has to be given to Apple's other co-founder and employees, but Steve Jobs is the real creative genius. Many people on the Urban Dictionary hate on him because his products are "shit" (that is obviously completely untrue) or because he "doesn't donate to charity like Bill Gates". He has already given the world enough.

As of October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs has lost his long battle with pancreatic cancer. The Earth has lost one of history's greatest people.
Long live Steve Jobs. He is a god and will always be in our memories.
by iDWiA739 October 07, 2011

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