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becoming friends with the teacher's pets only so the teachers will like you almost as much
I've become such a teacher's vet this year. I try to befriend all of the teacher's pets only to get some brownie points from the teachers.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 12, 2009
buying clothes (normally used) for a certain price, then finding more money in the pocket than what you originally paid for them
I bought a $20 pair of jeans at Plato's Closet the other day and found a wadded up $50 dollar bill in one of the pockets when I got home. I love paying negative dollars for clothes.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 12, 2009
one who draws in tools
Tom: "Brandon brings the weirdest kids to our lunch table. It's embarrassing."

Matt: "Yeah he's what you call tool bait."
by iCoinedThat1199 December 20, 2009
the graffiti you see in bathroom stalls; can be found in almost any gas station restroom
There was a ton of stall art in that 7-11 we just stopped at.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 17, 2009
one who always checks to make sure the "L" and "R" earphones go in the correct ear
I always make sure to put the "R" earphone in my right ear and the "L" in my left. I'm a total L-R checker.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 16, 2009
referring to the "rabbit" portrayed in the moon that was believed by the Aztecs to be placed there by the gods
You've heard of the man in the moon, but have you heard of the bunny moon?
by iCoinedThat1199 December 11, 2009
the method of drinking excessive amounts of cranberry juice to supposedly flush weed and/or other toxins out of one's system; many claim that this does not work
Guy 1: "Dude, I smoked a few days ago and I'm getting drug tested on Tuesday! What do I do!?"

Guy 2: "Your only hope is to pull a cranberry flush, bro."
by iCoinedThat1199 December 19, 2009
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