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the loud tone of voice someone unknowingly uses when listening to music due to the fact that they can't hear themselves talking
Jack, turn your music down and stop using your earphone tone!
by iCoinedThat1199 December 16, 2009
the few extra pounds one packs on during the holidays from excessive eating
"Aunt Bertha is eating pumpkin pie nonstop."

"Yeah she's gonna have some Christmas chub to deal with after New Years."
by iCoinedThat1199 December 15, 2009
the act of pretending to look through your purse only to use it as a texting shield during class; many teenage girls use this popular technique
I saw Brittany purse texting in class so Mrs. Johnson wouldn't see her.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 14, 2009
the clever idea to turn Obama into a chia pet; this was not racist, Obama himself found it kinda funny
John: "Have you seen those new Chia Obama heads?"
Sarah: "Yeah, man! Bought one yesterday!"
by iCoinedThat1199 December 13, 2009
adjective: used to describe a large, respectable afro
Bill: "That fro is BIG!"

James: "It's frodacious fo sho."
by iCoinedThat1199 December 21, 2009
The unpleasant ricocheting of piss that often results from peeing in a urinal.
"Dude why are my pants all damp around my knees?"
"These urinals must cause a terrible spatter effect."
by iCoinedThat1199 December 11, 2009
the ultimate phone service made up of Sprint, Verizon, and at&t
Paul: "What phone service do you have?"
Frank: "I have sprintizon&t. It's pretty legit."
by iCoinedThat1199 December 17, 2009
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