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the chicks you always see on snorgtees ads wearing those goofy t-shirts
I saw a snorgtees chick in an ad today wearing a shirt about bacon.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 12, 2009
big guy, extremely funny comedian
I saw Ralphie May on Comedy Central last night. That guy's effin' hilarious.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 13, 2009
the feeling one experiences when taking a test on a scantron and getting the same answer multiple times in a row; applies to students
I got five B's in a row on my scantron, one of them HAD to have been wrong. I hate scantron paranoia.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 28, 2009
saying "yeah" and then smiling at someone when you really have no idea what they just said to you
Some stranger in line mumbled something to me and started laughing. I had no idea what he said so I used the "yeah" escape.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 11, 2009
the instance where two people make eye contact, look away, then look back at each other at the same time, making it very awkward for the two
I had an awkward double take with that chick across the room.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 15, 2009
when someone yawns, then another person yawns, and another, and another, and so on; often occurs in classrooms
I yawned in class. Then Billy yawned, then Kaitlynn, then Alex, then Jill... A perfect example of the yawn effect.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 25, 2009
a dream where it legitimately feels like you're taking a piss due to the fact that you actually do need to go; most wake up before they wet the bed, but in some cases the sleeper will actually start pissing in bed

don't get this confused with wet dream
I had a piss dream last night, and I didn't quite wake up in time to catch myself... This is embarassing since I'm a sophomore in high school.
by iCoinedThat1199 December 14, 2009

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