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iCarly is a teen show about three friends and a web show they host together every week. Though the main girl, Carly, isn't funny at all or good at acting, the actual show itself is very good. Carly lives with her older brother Spencer while their parents are working overseas. Her two friends are Sam and Freddie. Sam hosts the show with her while Freddie takes care of technical part. The best part of the show is the ongoing tension between Sam and Freddie. Even though Freddie claims to be in love with Carly, the unnatural fighting he and Sam take part in makes you think differently. 95% of the show's humor comes from Sam's insults towards Freddie and Spencer's personality. And even though it's a teen show on Nickelodeon, it's an enjoyable (yet unrealistic) show for all ages.

On one episode of iCarly, Sam isn't allowed to insult Freddie all week, unless she wants to pay him $5 an insult. This is what happens after Spencer gives Sam money for helping him out with an art piece.


Sam: You smell like feet. *gives him $5*
Freddie:*smiles, takes money*
Sam: If you were a country, you'd be El Salvadork. *gives another $5*
Freddie: *still smiling, takes the money*
Sam: Have I made fun of your butt yet?
Freddie: No.
Sam: It's oddly shaped. *gives $5*
Sam: No girl will ever want you. *gives $5*
by iCarly Fan January 30, 2009

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