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1. a person devoted to whatever music/clothing style is popular in the mainstream but does not actually know why they embrace it.

2. a person who listens to screamo but calls it metal.

3. a person who is willing to pay 15 dollars or more to go see a local screamo/hardcore band but has never actually heard of the band or at least has never heard any of their music.

4. a person who believes that wearing an outfit from hot topic makes you punk rock.

5. a person who believes that the band paramore is a punk rock band.

6. a person who has compared the jonas brothers to the beatles.

7. a boy or girl who will pay $60.00 for a hoodie and then only wear it once.

8. a girl who listens to a band because they think the singer is hot.

9. a guy who listens to a band because they think the singer is hot.

10. a kid who believes their problems are worse than everyone elses even though they live in an upper middle class home and have a a television, stereo, and at least one current video game system all in their rooms.

11. a person that mis spells words on purpose and/ or uses caps in the wrong places.
1) I don't know why I like it, all my friends do so I guess I do too. wow, your such a scenetard.

2) yeah man, the devil wears prada is more metal than pantera. dude shut the fuck up you stupid scenetard.

3) I don't know this band, but all my friends are going so I will go too. way to follow the crowd you scenetard.

4) wow, this $30.00 hello kitty shirt is so punk rock. it would be more punk rock if you killed yourself you stupid scenetard.

5) I love paramore. their singer has dyed red hair, they are SO punk! No they are not scenetard.

6)I swear. nick is so CUTE!!!!! they are like the next beatles or something! said the scenetard.

7) this hoodie is so cute!!!!! but it doesn't go with anything I have. oh well, I will just wear it out the store. waste your parents money some more scenetard.

8) wow, that guy is so hawt! your a scenetard.

9) wow, that guy is so HAWT! you are also a scenetard.

10) I can't believe my girl dumped me. aw man. I'm gonna go play xbox and forget about my problems while I look up porn off of my laptop with a high speed internet connection.
why don't you go jack off somewhere else you scentard in a scenetard way.

11) omg thAt gUY Es sOOOooooO HAwT!!! and he SOunDs so BROOTAL!!! use spell check you scenetard.
#scene tard #scene-tard #scenster #dumbtard #emo kid #scene kid
by i9incher August 14, 2009
The name of the logo that Juggalos use. This is ironic sense they will always threaten you with a hatchet and yet the picture they use of hatchet man is actually a guy running with a meat cleaver.
dumbalo: I'm going to kill you. just like hatchet man would.

normal guy:you do of course realize that is a meat cleaver right? dude shut up and go back to the corner and color.
#hatchet #man #hatchet man #juggalo #jugalo #juggalette #juggelette
by i9incher September 27, 2009
a sex position often involving two males and a female.

whilest standing up, the female would be in the middle bent over. one male would be behind her inserting his penis into either the womans vagina or ass hole while the other male would be in front of her recieving oral sex from the female. this forms into the letter H.
did you hear? marry made a love H with billy and ted last night. I bet her mouth, legs, and butt are really hurting.
#love h #butt and oral sex at the same time #pillage #ass sex #butt sex #oral sex #going down
by i9incher August 15, 2009
when you are at work and somebody says something and you want to say "thats what she said" but can't because of people around you. instead, you say the name of your work that way the people you work with understand you but the customers do not.
ted: hey bob, can you hold this package for a bit?

bob: FedeX!

ted: haha good one bob. nice change around.

joe: hey bill I need you to put the special sauce on these buns.

bill : Mcdonalds!

janet: hey john I think I need your help opening the back door.

john: thats what she said!

janet: your fired and I'm sueing you for sexual harassment.

john : damn, should have used a change around.
#change around #thats what she said #thats what she said! #booty #fuck #jokes #inside jokes
by i9incher August 15, 2009
a band so shitty that they have 4 pages worth of people yelling at you that they don't suck.
guy who doesn't listen to enough metal: bring me the horizon does not suck!

me : more like bring me the ear plugs, they will be forgotten in 3 years.
#bring me the horizon #sucks #because #they #are #not #metal
by i9incher May 05, 2010
a dumb juggalo. also known as just a juggalo.
icp and all their fans are dumbalos.
#dumbalo #icp #juggalo #stupid #dumb #cunt
by i9incher October 22, 2009
someone so set in there ways that even if they are wrong they will insist on knowing what they are talking about.
my dad thinks that if I use the internet I will break the computer. I tell him he is wrong but he won't believe me. he is such a tardosaur.
#tardosaur #retardation #retard #stupid #old #dumb
by i9incher October 26, 2009
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