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Definitely the most white high school in Virginia Beach. It's full of the richest, beach-going, well-dressed, and party-loving kids of the 757, and we usually get a bad rep for it. Cox has also been dubbed the "druggie school" of VB, and for good reasons. Both the Junior and Senior parking lots are full of BMWs, Mercedes', Lexus', etc. We've won an endless number of state championships in many different sports, including field hockey, volleyball, soccer, and more. We've been admired for excelling at academics as well.For the most part, the majority of girls and guys at Cox are also somewhat attractive; it's just a fact. It's well known as the 'rival school' to nearby high school First Colonial, but everyone knows its clearly because FC kids are jealous of us. Though the students at our school is sometimes viewed as "snobby" or "fake", there really are some genuine kids here; everyone just likes to stereotype before they get to know people. It's an really an honor to say I go to this school. Overall, Cox High School is a pretty rad place to be.
Cox High School was definitely the best school to spend my high school years at.
by i-love-cox January 21, 2012
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