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Definition for somesing ugly or bad. Colombian ecuadorian roots.
que chica tan federal compai.
HEY! parce que lowrider tan federal.
by i unno i 4get it October 16, 2004
Persona born in medellin colombia da best peolpe in latin america cuz we nice ppl, friendly, n we love to party. WE called papitos o' mamasitas. we fans of DIM n Atletico Nacional Medellin, representin us is is Juan carlos henao n "el escorpion" Huigita. u know we always got sick styles. n if u get da chance sometime try out la bandeja paisa hemanos!!!!!!
somos paisas,
representando colombia,
comiendo arepas!!!
(con quesito)
by i unno i 4get it October 16, 2004
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