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A town in south-western Ohio, just outside of Dayton. Progressively becoming a worse slum than it already is, known for slutty girls, an abundance of drug dealers (few making real money), drugs of course, knockout artists, the worst cops, and a lack of anything to do besides get drunk or do drugs.

Possibly the most boring yet intriguing town ever. Boring with nothing to do, yet intriguing because of the mixture of people in it, you could write a best selling book about fairborn, it has characters.

Not completely trashy, its a mixture of suburbs and low income housing. People from fairborn can usually beat the shit out of people from surrounding cities example:(beavercreek) and others.

You're best bet is to get out of Fairborn before you start selling pointless amounts of weed, get pregnant, get a dui, or go to jail.

young man: Man i couldnt find any weed so my girl said she knew someone in fairborn with some, so i went, i ended up partying with all of these low level dope boys and random cool dudes, ate a xanax got drunk and wound up in jail for a dui, my girl got fucked, and i think i got knocked out.
by i spit hot fire April 30, 2009
the state of something being sweeeet, or completely lame if you are being sarcastic, depending on tone of voice.
somehow related to musician donnie klang.

klang - sweet
joe - dude donnie klang is legit!
dylan - yeah his music is klang'in...! just playin ya right donnie klang is a faggot
joe - no waaaaaaay hes legittttt!

drew - man i put cheese on this chicken sandwich and it was klaaaaaang!
dylan - dude that sounds delicious lets call it a klangwich

joe - have u seen the new jordans? im not sure if id rock them or not
dylan - dude those are klang as fuck, u could pull em off, id wear em for sure!
by i spit hot fire April 30, 2009

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