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Great band from New Zealand consisting of three brothers- Jon Hume,(vocals, guitars) Peter Hume,(keys, bass, vocals) and Dann Hume(drums, vocals). They have a beautiful style with fantastic vocals, interesting themes and god damn excellent music to back it up.
Unfortunately they've been given alot of publicity lately because of their music being on the O.C, but this shouldn't put you off buying their album "Dreams" as it's worth it.
Just one thing I need to point out- Evermore are technically from New Zealand- not Australia. The family was raised in the North Island town of Feilding in N.Z. Although the eldest of the trio- Jon was born in Australia, the family moved back to New Zealand very early in his life, and the other two were born in N.Z. Evermore have been based in Sydney, Australia while getting their music career started- which may also have added to the Australia/New Zealand mix up.
a few songs by Evermore- For One Day, Dreams Call Out To Me, Are You Satisfied???

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