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7 definitions by i rock

the gay version of ninja turtles
teletubbies eat plastic pancakes with faces on it for every meal
by i rock August 16, 2003
693 203
akin to the hairs on a hobos ball sack. The imd student does nothing, and understands even less. Usually found looking like someone spewed a rainbow over them. Distant cousins of mighty Applied Computing students. May react angrily when confused. Easily done.
Imd students are the scummiest people to walk the streets of dundee, even worse than hookers with syphalis
by I rock March 07, 2005
22 11
A girl that you don't want to hurt, or she'll write a hit song about you.
"I broke up with Taylor yesterday."
"Did she write the song about you yet?"
by I Rock February 06, 2013
6 1
A person not worthy being called a Biatch.
Hey, Atch, come clean this up.(refering to the kid who thinks he's pimp)
by i rock March 19, 2004
14 9
The west belfast version of a townie well actually from any pasrt of belfast, like there sports wear and fake gold chains and alice knows them all :D
That smick stole my car
by I ROCK May 18, 2003
49 44
I just got Grand Theft Auto dude.
by I Rock February 04, 2013
4 0
What you text when you don't know what to say.
What should I say? I'll just text lol.
by I Rock February 06, 2013
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