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Elkins high school is the home to many kids who come from subdivisons such as "Sienna, Lake Olympia, and Quail Vally".
Elkins has some of the most insaine and confusing teenagers you will ever meet in your life. The teachers are confused and senile and the counselers are mean and heartless.
at elkins kids talk, get used to it. at elkins we have nasty food. at elkins we take ahold of classes, dont be alarmed.
elkins high school slogans :"get me the fuck out of here NOW."&&
"you dont HAVE to be insaine...but it helps."
by i raped your mom hoe January 13, 2009
the home of the mighty pandas!

pershing is the middle school that has taught..or tired to teach a group of the most amazing people to ever venture out into the world of texas.
pershing has a colorfull staff or insaine or Exteamly insaine teachers.

The former principle Mr.Amos"mr.ANUS"
has formed the establishment into a unsucsessful and uneducated house of mad men.

thas why he fleed the state in 2008.

pershing had a chilled dress code up untill year 2007-08 year when the dress code changed to only khaki bottoms.
the students were not overly pleased.

kids here will attack if you do not cooperate to their wishes and you will cry.

have a fun day at your 1st day of middle school.
carry on the legacy.
"dem kidds at pershing middle school be krazzzyy huh?"
"yepp i heard dat dey be throwin slushies in the hall ways and pullin out weave!"
"mmmhmmmm guurl. all dem preggnant hoes like cece white ohh yeahhhz.."
"dem hoes be krazzy murders, tv cast crews, and that gurl who threw her babbie away on the plane!"
"dem some krazzy little kidds."
by i raped your mom hoe January 19, 2009

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