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the 5th halo game made by Bungie and the final installment in the series. Takes place Directly Before Halo: Combat Evolved.

when this game is released it will end a need for outdoor activitys and will ensure world peace and the end of poverty. unfortunetly it has already started to kill games like Halo 2 which had its servers shut down to start the Reach servers, it is sure to also kill games such as BF: bad company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 as everyone will be too busy blowing each others brains out with DMRs and Wraith Tanks to worry about mega n00b fests like MW2
Gamer 1: "Oi, have you seen the new blackops videos? those trailers look SWEET!"

Gamer 2: "black ops production will be cancelled after September 14"

Gamer 1: "what? why?"

Gamer 2: "because after they run their sales projection they will relise that Halo: Reach has eaten 98% of the market and nobody wants Cod anymore"
by i play MW2 July 17, 2010

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