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A black man who believes himself to be crunk, gangsta, or pimp. these "niggers" can be found calling others "nigger". sometimes they might even call white people "nigger". but, the white man is under no circumstance to call a nigger a "nigger", under penalty of rape, murder, or burgaflickle.
you gay, nigger?

nigger, i'm gonna drop some knowleds on your crazy white ass!
by i love black people May 24, 2005
(also known as leet sauce), the substance a person is dipped in before they are put into their mother's womb if it is determined by higher powers that they will be a master at everything they do.
hey man, did you see that guy, he must have been dipped in almighty 1337 sauce!
by i love black people May 24, 2005

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