1 definition by i live in new canaan, even if my name is california

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A stuck-up preppy town that is loaded with cash located in conneticut. On Friday’s after school, kids walk into town, crowd around Mackenzie’s and smoke pot, show off, and get drunk. The town has no clue what poverty is, and whenever they have fund-raisers for the homeless, some crack-dealer kids steal the friggin money and buy cigarettes. The mother’s have no clue how to drive what so ever and once in a while, they run over a poor bulimic runner in a rush to get their nails done. And sports aren’t for fun here, they’re for competition. Everyone is on a sport team, and if you aren’t on one, you are considered a gay loser. Aren’t kids nice here? All of the girls obsess about how they look and mostly spend time in the bathroom making sure their hair is perfect. Yeah, I almost became one of those, but I’m not. I’m also not emo, either, which are the only two classifications in New Canaan. And there are the butt-kissers, too, but they have no life. People in New Canaan have more then one house and brag to everyone about their money. And most of the time the parents are sitting around drinking wine while their kids run off and smoke.
On the last day of school, two stupid seventh graders got in a fight and were arressted, a kid stuck his foot in a window at B&R, and everyone wears really tight clothes. Great for New Canaan!

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