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the hardest guy to find.
where the fuck is waldo?!?!

by i like dinosaurs June 02, 2007
I don`t hate him. But like Paris Hilton, he`s famous and rich for a stupid reason. Yes he can`t sing. And maybe it was funny at first. But now he`s a millionare for having a horrible voice. Does that mean that i`ll be rich if i sing "living la vida loca" horribly in american idol? who knows. if it makes me rich enough to pay off taxes and buy myself a new car, then baby, i`m going to hollywood.
i went off topic. william hung should go back to college, and don`t buy his CD! it`s a waste of money.
by i like dinosaurs May 31, 2007
best damn monster in sesame street who gets orgasms eating cookies.
cookie monster went to rehab in family guy.
by i like dinosaurs June 02, 2007
a word to describe an idiot. but if you listen carefully, some girls say stupid like "estupe" which is really annoying!!!!!

prounounced: es-too-pe
Guy: You`re so flat!

Girl: You estupe boy, shut up!

Guy: Don`t you mean stupid, bimbo?
by i like dinosaurs June 02, 2007
tweety bird when he took viagra.
tweety bird + viagra = big bird
by i like dinosaurs June 02, 2007

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