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"Mighty Warrior" aka the realest nigga put there. Nobody fucks with Jalani because Jalani is a beast. You mess with Jalani you mess with their crew.
"Damn, he's the Jalani on the block."
"This kingpin is a real Jalani!"
by I knows November 21, 2014
1) a quality of beauty or representing a pristine nature.
2) to have an oppulence of fuckness.

3) A property of fuckulent
In The Mask of Zoro, catherine zeta jones was at the height of her fuckulence.

In the most recent T-moblie ads, catherine zeta jones has lost her fuckulence.
by i knows May 12, 2010
1) the ambience of fuckness
2) the atmosphere of fuckitude
My date is coming over, i need to set the fuckience.

the fuckience of the room increases your own fuckulence.
by i knows May 12, 2010
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