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A person who belives that the environment is more important than anything else. They usually have lame hippie music festivals, which include lots of crappy hippy music, and large amounts of pot smoke. The most common hippy is the 'giggling stoner' which resides in attics/basements of their parent's houses, and of course, get stoned and giggle. They like to gather in drum circles in backyards, and if we're not careful, that drum circle could grow to be 4 miles in diameter and turn into a hippy music fest. They talk about saving the world, but the only thing they do is smoke pot and smell bad. They also like to throw blood on people to make a point about wearing leather.
Common things that a hippy says - "Oh man, this music is so crunchy!"

"Want some water laced with acid?"
by i hate vegetarians May 11, 2005
A music festival with lots of pot smoke and thousands of hippies. The only way tomake the hippies disperse is by playing 'Raining Blood' by Slayer.
"NOOOOOO a hippy fest is coming!"
by i hate vegetarians May 11, 2005

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