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A man who won the 2000 election on questionable grounds, then listened way too much to his cronies who he appointed to all the good positions. They told him that he should invade Iraq after about a month in Afghanistan because they secretly knew their oil stocks would sky rocket. He used scare tactics to win the 2004 vote, although John Kerry was not a good cadidate either. On a totally non-political basis, the man is wrecking America, whether or not he's smart enough to realize it. He's basically taken the United States and made it a bunch of beaurocratic red-tape bullshit because he doesn't understand that you can cover your ass with a Cold-War style CIA-cover up. He thinks you need to horseshit your way through life with half-truths instead of just not telling anybody anything. The path of the US in the future doesn't look too bright anymore.
God damn you, George W. Bush.
by i hate kgj March 20, 2006

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