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an mc that mc's to drum n base... nuff sed (im not a kevim decently normal)

1 of the mose popular MC's in the Drum n Base industry
"MC skibadeeeeeee"
by i h8 al qaeda October 25, 2004
A crime for theft of vehicles. ( GRAND THEFT AUTO)

A game made by Rockstar productions that is releasing a new game in late october, "GTA: san andreas"

29th Oct 2004 (UK)
26th Oct 2004 (US)
"He got arrested for GTA"

"GTA san andreas is going to PwN!"
by i h8 al qaeda October 25, 2004
a gay cunt that gets it up the bum too often and has a sore ass.. alot like the navyboy on "Urban dictionary"
boys that go to the navy because they have no lives and want to be real life action heros
"ayyyye immm a batty boi navy boyyyyyy"
"talk to my ass its prettier than me.. im doing u a favor"
by i h8 al qaeda October 25, 2004
candy, originated from south east asia..TRRRRRY
"White rabbit candy iz ze bessssssst!!"

"try it..come on try it or i kill u.."
by i h8 al qaeda October 25, 2004

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