4 definitions by i dont remember my name..i bumped my head on a wall and forgot it..where am i? is this heaven?

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the funniest green day song ever!!!! on kerplunk...o yeah well that secret song on dookie is 2nd funniest..but w-e
i love feelin dirty, and i love feelin cheap, and i love it when u hurt me, so drive them staples deep!!
pronounced: *WHORE*-IZ-ON-TAL-FOE-BEE-UH...DUH...OMG THAT LIKE SO TOTALLY RHYMED....THE best gothic band ever....
i dunno dude i have to do too many other gothic-like things to think of an example...
a fucking awesome line in a fucking good song called platypus by the fucking best band ever which would fucking be Green fucing Day!!! rock on my mother fuckers!!!
dickhead, fuckface, cock-smoking, mother fucking ass hole, dirty twat, WASTE OF SEMEN, i hope u die!!!
the best green day cd ever!!!!!!! some songs: nice guys finish last, platypus, the grouch, good riddance, hitcin a ride
faggot: green day sucks ass..i cant beleive they hate america so much!

one of the fucking coolest ppl in the world: fuck off u nimrod and go listen to Nimrod!!

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