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An intense sexual postion, involving vertical insertion.
Yo did Johnny really spruce goose nick's mom?
by I Dont Know February 12, 2005
a pice of shit channel that now sux
its a waste of time for people who are tryin to channel surf
theres too many mtv's
by i dont know October 12, 2003
a random amount or number
lil jon and the eastside boys - "kuz i been to da club bout fifty-leven times"
by i dont know September 04, 2003
a semi-cool kid who thinks he's the shit
I met this kid named Zenger at this weird hotel...and we once wrote a porno.
by i dont know January 17, 2004
person who is white on the outsied and black on the inside (a white perosn who TRIES to act black)
Ian is the biggest milanno ever.
by i dont know March 13, 2003
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