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the greatest of all SS, the best of the best in his bussiness. The man stands 6.0 ft tall and weight 190 lbs of pure steel and sex appeal. Married to Mia Hamm makes him one of the luckier men on the face of the earth. Nomar a product of the GA Tech yellow jackets baseball program he ranks among the greatest players of my time. Well known for his fantastic plays he akes at SS he is also a team leader. He never gave up on BOston no matter how many times the Yankees would whoop their ass throughout a course of a season.
Nomar ranks jsut below god himself on my list, and will forever

disregard his last coment since "bajillion" isnt a word/#
Broc the biggest pussy i no enjoys making immature comments about people and telling them it was someone else
a CHILD yes who feels as though everyone must like him because he plays TENIS.. he is NADINE BAKER THE GREATS BITCH and thinks hes friends with dimaggio, denobes and bryson but in reality he aint shit and they dont like him. Hes spent his hole life on the outside looking in thinking hes tough and hot but hes NOT.... hes the "toughest of the tough... biggest of the big.. and hottest of the hot. According to a study done at University of Southern California this CHILD has recieved many shots for Raybees ... how does a tenis player get rabies you ask.... well its simple actually, when you spend night like this one ona firday alone watchng paris hilton movies you soon loose interest in your hands... you will then turn to rabiists and baby birds... then it will be chicken and soon cows and goats. Yes Matthew "broc" feels that he is gods gift when he walks through the halls of BE Prep. His idea of a fun is watching dimagg and denobes roll dice when hes not involved. HE has ZERO friends and feels that everyone likes him. We strongly suggest that YOU the reader please stand back form this infested pig for what ever reason it may be but please stand back you will regret it if you dont.... and yes for the first time this is someoen who is not on roids... but yes she should seriously consider them ... those muscles couldnt lift a bottle of water ... pussy
Matthwew "broc" is a the biggest woman i know....he kisses Nadines ass more then anything and she could care less for him
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