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When a man's erect penis goes inside a womans vagina and thrusts it up and down in and out.
It was a dark night and me and my boyfriend were laying on the grass on my backyard under the moonlight. "I love you baby" said jacob as he gave kate a small kiss on the lips. but before jacob could pull his lips off kate, kate dove into a french kiss and explored his mouth with her tounge. Then she got on top of him and they continued kissing while kate felt jacobs penis go up,up,,up until it practicly was about to rip through the thin cloth. Then she was so horny she ripped jacobs shirt off and licked his chest until it was soaked with saliva. Then she told him to stand up and she stripped his jeans off with her cold hands. His penis was erect and kates pussy became soaking wet. She dove for his dick, but jacob stoppped her and took off her shirt and skirt. Then, he allowed kate to slobber all over his penis and then she stopped. He threw himself onto her, and his penis went strait into her vagina. his cock was a 9 inch throbbing thing, and kate couldnt wait to feel it inside of her. His cock went up and down, and kate moved her hips in a circular motion and moaned in pleasure. Then she hit her first orgasm... "OOOHHH BABY! YESSSS!YES!!! OHHHHH OHHHH!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHIT!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. Then, kate flipped over and he fucked her from the anus until they were soo tired jacob just fingered her vagina as she moaned in pleasure. It was the best sex ever
by i didthis tobeaturotherstory's November 02, 2009

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