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when you cant explain what is happening to you,the person you love means the world to you, you feel empty without them
everytime you hear or see them u get a feelin deep down u jst wana hold them n lay in there arms forever
and never let go
having sex isnt jst pure lust n thrust
its who u do it with
pure love is only something u inside can feel no1 else can explain it only u can put words for it
|x| t o o "M Y" s e x y b a b y |x|
|x| l o v e y h o o w i t a l l m y |x|
|x| H E A R T |x|
|x| A N D M O R E......F O R E V E R |x|
|X|A N D E V E R |X|
|x|T h i s i s t r u e l o v e |x|
|x|you know true love when u find it!trust me!
by i cant let go off my baby boo January 27, 2007
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