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some one who has a really small head for there body.
A)a really tall person B) a bodybuilder
by i ate all the pies June 24, 2004
someone whos got a head shaped like a moon cresent especially the ones with the smiley faces who wear pajamas with a pom-pom on the hat piece.
they also seem to be really thick people that have eyes that dont concentrate.
looks like they have planets flying round there head.
look at planet head sitting on their own looking out the window with a bit of dribble
by i ate all the pies June 24, 2004
trampy person that stinks, wears joggin bottoms and puffer jackets with MIKE trainers.
black teeth (or no teeth) as there hygene is bad.
your likely to see this sort of person leaning to feed the pigeons, dropping tremendous amounts of farts.
by i ate all the pies June 24, 2004
all the features on the face are extremely flat, as if a million tonne lorry has just ran over their face and squashed it down a lot.
it looks like you can eat off it if they laid down
that cat with a squashed face
by i ate all the pies June 24, 2004

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