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Skinny ass little bitch who thinks he's cool but really has no friends. Plus his toe is fucked up

What the hell, there's another Chris Jones sitting at our table; stop sitting with the cool kids and find some actual red "friends."
by i am zam March 12, 2003
forkosh fused with mannarea
one of forkoshes most lethal forms
he is almost unbeatable at this stage of power
mannarea plus forkosh equals forkosherea!
by i am zam February 16, 2003
zam's horror form. its newest and most lethal version. zam made a deal with the devil himself to turn into this blood sucking zamcula. in order to do so he had to challenge the original dracula to a wobbeling match. and of course teh zam came out on top. snow zam has the power of evil running thru his vains. zam is now a demon within himself and is all set out to challenge lukes newest and most ultimate form. "lukegeta" chek out the definition for that too.
zamcula's moves are the zim spit and the zam bite aka "ZM". the zam spit is executed by doing 3 consecutive cartwheels and then jumping up in the air and wobbling within air, therefore u suck in all the air and then unleash a huge spitball against your opponent. the spit ball can reach speads of 300mph so when it hits you it causes damage like a shotgun fired at close range.in order for zam to transform to zamcula he has to say a phrase... its in the example.
evil spirits come to me... let me become ZAMCULA
by i am zam June 23, 2003
unlike the regular shlong, this is a supreme improvement. its vast in size and huge in diameter. its the biggest cock ever. its red and hot as hell. it has a tatoo on it that says ZM but once it gets hard it spells ZAM!
Zam has 2 kinds of Zshlongs. the other one has a tatoo that says AIDS but once it fully extends it spells out ADIDAS, just like teh sports brand. this type of Zshlong isnt and powerful as the Zam one. they both xtend to a whopping 33inch length and a 2meter diamter. ( its huge)
zam won various competitions with it. forkosh will never be able to see it because he is being all mannareaish
and the #1 is ZAM !! WITH htis Zshlong!
now why are u fit for this role?.. .comon i am zam i have my zshlong!
by i am zam May 19, 2003
Zam's car!
its so fast it can go from 0-60mph in .2 seconds!!
it has mad good traction and its insanly red.
i drove around the world in space 7 times with my stealth, it has mad good traction!

u need a ride in my stealth?
by i am zam March 12, 2003
Lukarea's most viscious move. it is performed by powering up beyond super saiyan 15 and making his hands grow to giant size forming a sledge hammer like shape and splatting his opponent to microscopic peices. zam has no way in hell to survive it.
holy shit! lukarea is about to hit me with the NASH SMASH! im done for sure now!! watta fukk am i suppsoed to do!!!! forkosh help me!!!!!

OUCH!!! i am dead
luke is so strong he is like a god.
by i am zam April 15, 2003
zams pal
the forkosh is lethal
his moves are tremendous, but no match for the zam
zam trained the forkosh
forkosh became a forkosherea
zam must protect the forkosh!
the forkosh is evil

by i am zam February 16, 2003
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