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My super Sweet 16 is a pointless reality show on MTV where stuck-up cunts get to have the birthday party of their dreams. The show always plays out the same, some spoiled bitchy girl gets to have a ridiculous birthday party, which costs hundred of thousands of dollars, and the girl still bitches about the party. These girls and their parents should all be shot. These parents cave in to their daughters every demand, which makes these girls believe they are entitled to anything they want. These parents need to grow some balls and tell their daughters no, then when the girl freaks out they should tell her to shut the fuck up. These girls are the biggest cunts on the planet. These whores bitch and moan to their parents about how they are ruining there party, or about how it isn’t fair that they cant get some $70,000 car for there birthday. First off, it is impossible to ruin and $400,000 party, it just can't happen. Second, how is it not fair that they can’t get a $70,000 dollar car, a lot of people don't make $70,000 in a year you stupid skanks. There has not been a single girl on that show who has any clue what real life is like. I think a better reality show would be to drop these girls in Harlem and see how they do. The last thing that pisses me off about this show is how all of the other kids at the party adore these sluts. Watching these girls on TV makes me want to throw up, I don't know how anyone could scream and chant these girls names as they enter their parties. These girls need to understand that nobody actually likes them; they just want some of their money. If I am ever lucky enough to meet one of these bitches, I will kick the bitch square in the baby maker, and let them know how much everybody hates them. I hope that the bitch will die from injuries related to me kicking her, and then the world will be a better place.
Some things these whores say on my super sweet 16 are: "Today is all about me", "money is not a thing to me", "This is goint to make everybody even more jealos of me", "Dad, way to ruin my party".
by i am called tim May 13, 2006
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