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A linnea is a wonderful person with an amazing sense of humor, who loves to have fun and be around her friends. And is not scared to ask big old men with lisps how to do math.
Woah look at that Linnea shes so cool!
by i <3 raccoons May 16, 2011
a lausquid is a liquid and a solid like putty, slime, paint slime it came from spongebob

another definition is the squids on mario cart that spray you with ink
you lausquid!

its a liquid no its a solid no its a lausquid!

aww I just got lausqiuded!

madi you lausquid!
by i <3 raccoons August 11, 2011
A girl named Madi who is very delicious! A madi is a wonderful amazing person who loves to tp and go to make out reef she also loves to go ice skating and shopping and inside jokes if you ever meet one you want to be friend her very quckily or else you might be too late i less than 3 u Madi! She is also very fun loving and really cute!
" Madi your paint slime is like a liquid and a solid?"
Madi - "it's a lausquid!" haha

most guys- "Wow look at Madi shes so delicious!" "Ya shes Madilicious!"

wow Madi is looking hotter than meagan fox, she is so madilicious!

" Madi my love for you burns like the white hott intisity of a thousand suns!"

Madi your anmasingly gorgeous!
by i <3 raccoons October 19, 2011
A really awesome small town in utah where everyone is so nice and very welcoming. if any where you'd want to live here. all the people there are one of a kind especially the kids we do some fun stuff! Like doing crazy tricks on the trampolines!
I want to move to Deweyville its the funnest place ever!

Wow those kids in Deweyville are so awesome they do some crazy stuff!
by i <3 raccoons October 18, 2011

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