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College girls who make out with each other at a party for any of the following reasons: (1) They are being hit on by sketchy sketchy men (often stoners or past hook-ups) and they need a cute and permanent exit strategy, (2) the party is lame and they feel the need to entertain, (3) they are very very drunk, (4) they are convinced by horny men with cameras.
*If any of the following situations arise during your own barsexual display, you must either stop and leave the party immediately or enter the witness protection system the next day as those pictures will be going up on facebook whether you like it or not. Try to avoid situations where dirty, horny men are either cheering you on, telling you they don't believe you did it and asking to see it again, are counting the number of seconds you can make out for, or have convinced you that making out with her topless is the only way to do it.
"I was a little confused about those couple incidents at the beginning of the semester. I didn't know if that made me bisexual or just an attention whore. Now I know: I'm just a barsexual"
by i <3 fsc March 31, 2009
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