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1. A guidette oompaloompa named nicole, made famous from mtv's Jersey Shore. She was made most famous when she was clocked in the face by a juiced up guido on TV.

2. A derogatory term for a fat guidette.

3. When a man punches a woman in the face, usually after consuming many rounds of shots
1. I was watching Jersey Shore last night, Snooki was hilarious! She deep throated a pickle and then passed out.

2. (about a fat guidette) Dude she's gross, what a Snooki....

3. That punch was a cheap snooki, only assholes punch women.
#jersey #shore #snooki #oompaloompa #tan #slut #punch #guido #guidette #italian
by i'mthebombliketicktick January 01, 2010
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