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n. A moderate insult which implies that its target has ingested or otherwise come into contact with so much manjaculate that they are indeed a master at such. Usually an implication of homosexuality in the target.
"Go swallow another load, you Ejacumaster."
n. Derogatory term. Derived from "ass-pirate."
Arr, jimlad! Ye be a rear privateer, and I be wantin' none o' that!
When a woman possessing a gunt wears pants much too tight for her prominent girth, thus producing a wedgie effect which drives witnesses to gouge out their eyes with the nearest rusty garden implement. Credit belongs to Canadian G. Mellum for coining the term in 2001.
Mrs. Chastko had such a guntgie that I wished to drive a serrated trowel into my left eye socket.
n. A defining moment, person or place, one which singlehandedly determines the outcome of an event. Also: maker-breaker.
The downhill section of Leguna Seca is the makerbreaker for the entire race.
n. Medium insult, used to imply that the target tends to break into mortuaries and biology labs in order to steal severed penises to pleasure themselves with.
Go fuck yourself, cockrobber.
n. Humorous term for semen, specifically that which is produced during homosexual copulation.

v. The act of manjaculation.
Jesus, dude! Mop the manjaculate out of your ass and STFU!
A derogatory term for someone suspected of engaging in necrophilia. Derived from the belief that their genitalia would be cold from invading the frigid, stiff corpse of their victim.
Don't be such a cocksicle, twatface.
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