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1 definition by i'm live

A town in Southern New Jersey, located near Pennsauken and Cherry Hill filled with white-trash wannabe "gangsters" that think they are "hard" and refer to themselves as "crazy mother fuckers" when in reality they aren't capable of anything really violent. Their schools completely lack talent and interest from outsiders, especially in the athletic department. The girls living there walk around in adidas flip flops with socks and disgusting "booty shorts" that show off their celulite. They are whores that look for sex partners at the ice-cream place called the "DRIVE IN". Another false fantasy these civilians posess is that they think they are Pennsauken, when in all honesty, they should just give up all together.
assholes,white trash,wanksters,fake-thugs,losers,maple shade
by i'm live July 12, 2008
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