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the car or vehicle of a proper gyp, smells of unwashed and unclean people, smoke, heroin/crack/weed, cheese, cabbage, vomit, kfc, beef worm, wet dog, old cream, soggy pants, burnt hair, grilled dogs doings, crab and an unusual damp pong similar to mushrooms.
you go to buy a second hand car from a council estate in nottingham, when you climb in to take it for a test drive you get hit by the smell of absolute poverty or is it dysentery? you cant decide but either way you deduce that this car is a stench wagon and should be scrapped or given to the local joy ridding 10 year olds to hopefully role into a ditch.
by hythe home of chav May 09, 2011
the anus and bowel of somebody who eats a lot of Indian cuisine.
if david dickinson tried to tap your botty you might say"oh no david not in my chutney pot"
by hythe home of chav May 09, 2011
somebody who has farted the smell of cabbage into their pants and the smell then lingers for a considerable amount of time, possible staining of underwear and trousers. wet, sticky, cabbage stench guff. we are all familiar with these people and their bad gut smells
your sat down on a bench, somebody walks past and you get a stench of rotten cabbage as they do you turn to a friend and say cabbage pants (pronounced cairbidgepairnts) like a gypo basically.
by hythe home of chav April 13, 2011
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