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CS Williams: (Se '&s w&l'eams) A man over the age of 18 who pursues underage women.
That guy is going to do some CS Williams jail time.
That girl's father doesn't approve of her CS Williams type boyfriend.
by Hyrum December 16, 2004
Laugh Out Loud For Real
wow. that was really funny.
by hyrum December 14, 2004
1. A bastardous friend.

2. One who is foolish.
Hey, fuck you pincho, get back to your computer.

He's such a pincho, he forgets to pick me up every week.
by Hyrum April 10, 2004
Tyleresque Acute Chronic Obviation Syndrome (pl)
I wanted Oriental food for dinner, however my friends all wanted Mexican. Peer pressure and TACOS prevented me from finding an enjoyable meal.
by hyrum April 16, 2004

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