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noun, human detritus, esp. with perverse connotations.

Singular and plural are identical denoting a substance, as with water.
Phonetically it is a corrupted form of "debris" perhaps combined with "dirty", i.e. debris + dirty = derby.
1 - He couldn't help at first being repulsed by the crack-whore as he handed her the crumpled $10 bill, even though he knew he would be submerged in her rancid derby soon enough.

2 - She went back to work in the kitchen after using the bathroom without so much as washing the derby from her hands.
by hypomnesis October 06, 2009
HDML stands for Herp-Derp Markup Language. Broken or incorrectly implemented HTML that ends up being displayed as garbled text on the page, such as the following:

Show the one you love how you <i>really</i> feel this Christmas!
The frequent occurrence of HDML in the stranger's email body led Randolph Carter to suspect a phishing scheme.
by hypomnesis March 09, 2011

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