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A man who avoids 'beaver'. Bats for the other side. A gay man.
You've got no chance with him love, he's a beaver weaver.

OMG that beaver weaver wants your cock.
by huzinator May 19, 2010
A chav who is obviously a chav but claims not to be a chav
1: that guy reckons he's not a chav! He must be in chav denial

2: that guys wearing trackies in marks and spencers, he must be in chav denial!

3: are you a chav? "nah fuk dat init, i iz no chav!" You are clearly in chav denial.
by huzinator August 03, 2010
A woman who swerves sausage (avoids penis).
That chick just blew me out... She must be a sausage swerver.

See that fat bitch with the short hair? She looks like a proper sausage swerver.
by huzinator August 03, 2010

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