6 definitions by huxley(penis)

when u take a shit in a brown bag and place it on someones head(representing a turban) while they are sleeping...
We had a sleep over at tylers house and ben took a shit in a brown bag and put it on hux's head and called it a juicy turban....
by huxley(penis) May 05, 2005
One who has a shit that comes out like a giant piece of balonie.
Damn that dump came out like a fucking Shit-a-lonie
by huxley(penis) May 03, 2005
To describe something that tastes like a piece of shit...
Man...that bologna sandwhich i had today tasted like a piece of shit-a-lonie!!!
by huxley(penis) May 05, 2005
To describe some one who looks like shit...
Dude did you see casey today??? she looked like a piece of shit-a-lonie
by huxley(penis) May 05, 2005
1. When an individule is asleep one stands above the victim while seperating their ass cheeks. When the victim wakes up there nose becomes trapped in the ass of the attacker.
We were at tylers house and i took a shit and left a little bit of shit in my ass (a few chocolate sprinkles) i stuck my ass in tylers face while ben woke him up and his nose went right into my ass with shit on it (chocolate sprinkles.
by huxley(penis) May 05, 2005
When an indian individual is having sex and it comes in a little to hard they scream making an: i yayayaya sound.
Damn, did u here about Ms. devi and her husband someone told me that she and her husband were going to fast and her husband came in a little tooo hard and she let out an indian hollar.
by huxley(penis) May 05, 2005

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