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a penis
she cud sucka mah cawq any day!
by hurley August 17, 2003
one who prefers any phallic-like objects penitrating all and any of his orifices. he is very fond of hairy mexicans also known as a freeman
that transvestite giving the circle jerk looks like a kevinlynn
by hurley October 01, 2003
Redmonkey - n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a homosexual man.
Boy I sure don't like that guy he is a big Redmonkey; supposedly his dad gives it to him in the ass, what a fagget.
by hurley March 19, 2003
A cigarette,butt,or cancer stick
Drop that fag dart and pack a lip.
by Hurley February 04, 2005
danielly's nickname for paige!
whats up poovis?
by hurley May 22, 2003
I'm goin' back to Cali.
by Hurley May 14, 2003
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