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6 definitions by hurdleston

much like hang out, this is an instance where two or more male companions spend recreational time together, often drinking, playing or watching sports, or playing video games, but the act or acts have been accused unsuccessfully by a woman of having unnatural, even homosexual, implications in an attempt to thwart the event; often met subsequently with bulk time
boy 1der--Hey, you wanna wang out tonight?

boy 2many--Yes, that's all I want to do.

jel girl--You two are SO gay for each other.

boy 1der--Babe, you can come.

jel girl--the only reason I would come to your stupid wang out party is to make sure that my boyfriend isn't cheating on me with his loser friend. You know what? I think I will just go out with Lisa tonight. How about that? Maybe Lisa and I will just go dancing, and you two can sit on the same couch together and drink cheap beer and watch the Sport Center for the 13th time today.

boy 1der--Thanks babe... wait, 'the' Sport Center?

boy 2many--Dude, your girlfriend is pissed.

boy 1der--She'll get over it. What time would you like to wang out?
by hurdleston December 07, 2010
the seemingly sound order of thinking that leads people to absurd acts that they would never commit without previous imbibing alcohol; the reason for approximately 90 percent of DUI's and OVI's, fights, pregnancies, carpet and couch stains, existence of games where there is no winner, marriages, bulk time, gut muscles, and injuries that are funny not sad.
Dude, what happened to my mom's car... and flower bed... and dry streak sexually?

Dude, before you freak out, listen, it was totally drunk logic.
by hurdleston December 07, 2010
pondering whether or not a random item has unfound medicinal value; thinking that a simple item seen in every day life could be the cure to a deeply vexing or terminal disease; the somewhat insulting contemplation that if you randomly chose items and tested them, you would probably stumble on the cure for diseases, like AIDS or cancer, more quickly than the medical research community
Holy balls, look at that caterpillar.

Eew, weird, it's like fluorescent.

What if it could like cure cancer? I bet the cure is something simple like that.

You're so high dude. Total curancer.
by hurdleston December 07, 2010
the strip of hair that grows on the upper part of a man's (hopefully) inner leg.
Whenever I manscape, I don't know where to stop shaving because my thighed burns came in thicker than Jamie Presley's hill billy accent.
by hurdleston December 07, 2010
the time, frequently used as a punishment, that a man must spend with his significant other, without anyone else present, especially his male companions, due to too an inordinate imbalance in the favor of activities that don't involve him being bitched at
NOTE: women will not respond well to a man referring to this; they find "date night" far more agreeable.
Hey man, wanna wang out tonight?

Nah bro, can't.

Bummer, why not?

Dude, bulk time on the docket.

Sucks, why?

Drunk logic last night.
by hurdleston December 07, 2010
the act of struggling to remove one's partner's or one's own pants, bra, or unders when things are getting sexy
1--I was fumbling around back there like it was amateur night; I don't know how they undo those things without looking.

2--I know, so then, I reached down, and tried to take off my boxers, but they got hooked on my foot and it was like a total amateur night. I face planted beside her and accidentally woke her up, so needless to say, I didn't score.

3--COME ON! What the hell is this, amateur night?
by hurdleston December 07, 2010