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2 definitions by hungryangrybill

A politically incorrect term for lesbians.
Most commonly used when wishing to discuss lesbians or referring to people who you suspect are lesbians in public without attracting the attention of said lesbians.
Guy 1: " You need to go watch Black Swan, it has a massive lazerbeam scene!"
Guy 2: I did go watch it, and by "scene" do you mean the whole freaking movie"
Guy 1" Yes! I wish all lazerbeams looked like Mila Kunis and Nathalie Portman"
by hungryangrybill March 01, 2011
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Focusing on a less relevant or less important task when something major needs to be done.

Delaying the inevitable
Sarah: "Isn't you final year project due in for tomorrow?"
Sarah" Then why aren't you working on it?"
Robert: "I'm checking UrbanDictionary..for a laugh"
Sarah:" You have to stop blowing out the candle, when your house is on fire dude"
Robert: "What does that mean?"
Sarah: "Check it on Urban Dictionary"
by hungryangrybill March 01, 2011
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