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boy who has a large pimple on his ear that is like the rainbow, and has 2 small polka dots on the inside on them. this pimple dangles down to his balls. they make his balls smell like dirty spider webs. that are like the rainbow :) and when you run into a wall you turn into a ninja but can change to the colors of its soroundings and when you hit some one they turn pink and puff away into a booby. and if some one happens to take you to the hospital just say, a panda bit my nose off. and then give them the evil hamster in your pocket and say its a gift from budah, and then on your way home be sure to ride your elephant to Target for a box of tampons so you can give his boyfriend a dirty qujuan and then run off to your mexican lover in japan.to save him frooooooom godzilla!!!!!!!!!!
boy: man my pimple just grows by the minute!

girl: omg! was that a panda that just bit your nose!?

boy: ahhh take me to the hospital!

girl: did you give the nice man your evil hamster you got from budha?

boy: ya but i cant find my elephant......

girl: well you bes get yer lazy ass up an find it cuz i got a suprise for you.


boy: okay i found it.


boy: eww what the fuck wass that?!

girl: thatd be a dirty qujuan well i gotta go and save my mexican lover in japan from godzilla now


boys lover: godzilla no!!!!!


girl and mexican lover: nooo dont eat us!!!!!

boy: hahaha damn that sucks.

BAM a ninja fucking unicorn was born

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