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Someone (mostly women over the age of 40) who is terrified of making left hand turns when driving. To avoid this fear, they will completely map out an entire alternate route consisting of only right turns, even if this means turning a 5 minute drive into a 45 minute labyrinth of hell.
husband:, I found a shortcut to get to our house faster, just turn left at ther next set of lights"
wife:"i cant"
husband: "huh?"
wife:"left turns are dangerous"
husband sighs and sinks back in his seat"You are such a left turn-aphobe"
by hungarianprincess April 04, 2011
referring to someone who interrupts a story to tell a long, pointless story that goes on mindless tangents that has nothing to do with your original story like Rose was infamous for on the Golden Girls.
i.e Sarah:"So can you believe I ran into my ex from 5 years ago in a another count-"

Michelle: "Wow that reminds of the time my cat got the flu. You see what happened was......"

Matt: "ughhh, there Michelle goes telling another back in st. Olaf story again"
by hungarianprincess April 04, 2011

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