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2 definitions by humphree

Generally a FEMALE (not always)who has "gravel" embedded into her back from countless romps without so much as a blanket placed beneath her.
Were you talking to that girl? Yup. you need to run for the hills, she's a serious "gravel back" she's had more meat in her than Georgia smoke house.
by humphree February 09, 2007
1 4
Probably the weirdest/craziest girl you will ever meet. She just blurts out random things at random times. If you looked up psycho in the dictionary you'd probably see her name and a big picture of her with black lipstick on. She seems completely normal when you first meet her, but when you really get to know her shes the furthest thing from normal. Shes a sexy little flapjack.
Person 1: Hey did you see Rachel the other day?
Person2: What?! That animal has a name?!
by Humphree March 22, 2012
6 10