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like awesome; uses the exclamation "oh!" and the word "awesome" in combination in order to communicate that whatever the person is talking about is shockingly awesome and encourages a witness of whatever the person is talking about to say "oh!"
Harry is soooooo ohsome! Did you know he can tie his shoe with one hand, play guitar hero with his feet, AND eat 50 tacos in under a minute???
by huhwhat?56 October 05, 2008
an exaggerated version of wicked, being created in order to make the speaker sound more intelligent or original, and less harry-potter-wanna-be
This song is totally wickedess!!!
by huhwhat?56 October 05, 2008
shortened version of "most definitely," making the phrase easier to say, less pretensious, less poser-ish, and works well in texts
I would mosdeff go to the concert, but my sister was a slor, so my mom grounded her and i can't get a ride.
by huhwhat?56 October 05, 2008
most basically, mac 'n' cheese; but they can be made with any cheese or noodle type. In other words, it might be linguini and alfredo sauce or nuked penne pasta with cheese whiz on top.
Let's all sit around and eat cheese-noodles; then we'll invite over anyone that wants in on our cheese-noodle club!
by huhwhat?56 October 05, 2008
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