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3 definitions by hugofatass

Some crazy motherfucker on call of duty mw2 who is physically impossible to kill making the game increasingly frustrating.
guy #1-"that goddamn juggernaut is hard to kill
by hugofatass March 04, 2010
When a woman rubs her nasty vag in the partners urethral tract and urinates in it.
dude i got a greasy corbin last night

ooh you nasty bastard youre gonna get an std
by hugofatass January 19, 2010
A series of merry cumshots to the knee making it look like pancakes and chicken wings.
"Yo man I got to give my girl a creamenheimer the other day, it was great"

"Dude that's fucking gross you can get aids that way"

"Bullshit you're just jealous"

"Ok man whatever"
by hugofatass January 20, 2010