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piles or hemaroids. used by 'scary spice' from Bo Selecta
Ooh me crepes, yer bastards.
by Hugh Jass December 22, 2003
When you knock someone out, you put a roll out of someones butt, cum and piss in it, and put some food in it and take a picture.
When my girlfriend was being an asshole, i gave her a Philly cheese-steak
by Hugh Jass December 13, 2003
an insulting word
you f****** stupid feeb
by hugh jass September 22, 2003
having lots of ice.
Damn- MC Tofu Nygga C-SlaxXx be one icy playa- I can't see for all the gleam gleam...
by Hugh Jass February 07, 2003
1) The act of smoking marijuana in an enclosed space, esp. when the space is particularly small and cramped.
All 6 of us had a clambake and smoked that fatty in my bathroom with the door closed and when we came out our eyes were all glassy and bloodshot.
by Hugh Jass July 11, 2003
A place that is not in the South
Kentucky is a part of the Midwest.....DUHHHHH!!!!
by Hugh Jass December 30, 2004

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