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1) An individual who dwells within the anal cavity of another person. 2) A weirdo 3) Also a verb demonstrative of the act of eating ass
1) If you have nothing better to do than read this, you are probably an assgoblin 2) I went over to see Jim but he was too busy assgoblin.
by Hugh Jass July 11, 2003
a term that cool people use which has no meaning at all.....actually there is no point to me typing this right now because im in school and really bored.....
uhhhhh oh yyyeeeaaa im like confused
by Hugh Jass December 22, 2004
a word used to describe: weed, pot, and other shit.
"that weed was super blountilicious..."
by Hugh Jass January 13, 2004
slang term for s**t
dale winton likes to eat butt mud
by hugh jass September 22, 2003
What you feel like on a Friday night after you roll too many doobs.
"Whoa man, (puff,cough) im wasted dude!"
by Hugh Jass April 18, 2004
n. A small round-ringed anal hole that has been entered repeatedly. Someone that works at AOL Tech Support.
I pounded that pooter all damn nite till the lube caught fire! That guy at AOL tech support don't know jack!
by Hugh Jass November 11, 2003
An insult/nickname for an evil proncipal named Barbara Byrne
Oh Shit, Here comes 3rd Degree Byrne!
by Hugh Jass September 05, 2003

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