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A weird little convoluted turd. Very hard to accomplish.
Hey, look kids! I plopped a shitzel!
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
This so-called band, three bald guys painted blue... they play rock-and-roll for people who don't like rock-and-roll.

They are to rock kinda what Liberace was for classical music.
Some say they suck so hard that it amounts to a full-fledged blowjob.
Id rather sit on an anthill than watch the Blue Man Group
by Hugh G Rection October 29, 2009
Spanish expression meaning:
Folksy, slow-talking, whiny, treacherous, mud-slinging, thieving, ammoral, corrupt and ignorant communist demagogue.
Also known as "el peje".
AMLO ya se fue a chingar a su madre. (AMLO has gone to fuck his mom).
by Hugh G Rection July 20, 2006
a) lil titties
b) tits in German
Commen here, Helga, lemme squeeze der zits
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
To take a long-needed crap.
Applies only when healthy, large and consistent turds are expected, accompanied with an emphatic accolade of farts.
Does not apply to limp-wristed quiche diarrheas.
Ladies, will you please excuse me? I'm going to free Willy.

If you don´t eat your All-Bran, you won´t be able to free Willy!
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
A schlong is just another dork, wang or johnson.
It ain't particularly large; the impression it is so is cleverly conveyed by the *long* bit that sticks out of its rear end.
Laura: HAHAHAHAHA! Its so funny that schlong sounds large becuz it has something long stuck in!
Mike: Shut up bitch and spread those cheeks.
by Hugh G Rection February 18, 2005
To give a girl's clit a real workout, I mean, like when you give it the rub-a-dub taking it between your thumb and index. Not to be confused with mere twiddle.
I was giving her a real tweaking when her mother walked in on us.
by Hugh G Rection October 07, 2003

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