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An appetizer
If God hadn´t wanted us to eat pussy, He wouldnt have made it look so much like a taco
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
Late 90's female media celebrity.
Ex-playmate, she had the top-heavy, blond-haired, long-legged tokens of desirability, so that any beer-bellied jerk on the verge of passing out could conventionally blurt out that he would love to pork her, even if he could no longer remember his own name.

Pam's checklist:
a) Botox in her lips
b) Silicon in her boobs
c) Nothing between her ears

The high point of her career was appearing in one of the stupidest tv series ever: Baywatch. She then went on to appear in her own TV series, which was even stupider.
Her lowest point was when the video clip of her banging 15-minute hubby Tommy Lee circulated over the Net.
Her own 15 minutes of fame over, Pam still has the asset of *celebrity* which entitles her to a cameo in The Simpsons and to appear in several episodes of the remake The Love Boat, if its ever remade.
It ain't Pam's fault to be who she is. She's just another packaged product. Its up to you if you swallow her or not.
Bon appetit.
Personally, i used to get a far bigger boner from watching the girl next door.
Pam Anderson's shelf life has already expired.
by Hugh G Rection March 14, 2005
Humorous way to allude to the kind of menu you will be having for tonite's dinner. You will probably choose some tuna taco , or perhaps bearded clam or maybe loose meat sandwich or even some snapper.
For those who need further explanation, the diner is called the Y not because its in some gym, but due to the peculiar shape of all aforementioned dishes.
Im picking up Donna at seven... we're dining at the Y
by Hugh G Rection January 21, 2005
Thats the way hax0r kidz call the old in-and-out (which they know only from hearsay).
Im l00kin 4 a hax0r chix0r who wantz to sux0r my dix0r and then to fux0r
by Hugh G Rection January 17, 2005
Hooters, headlights.
Equally vulgar, but far more colorful.
Often seen with the adjective BIG (capitalized)
Seen on IRC: "Horney guy ISO hot chix w/ BIG bazongas. Itty bitty titty comitte please abstain. Dont be shy gurrls and msg me"
by Hugh G Rection September 15, 2003
Arguably the worst movie in History.
John Travolta produced and starred in this monumental piece of dung because it's based on a novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, and Johnny boy is one of several Hollywood celebities brainwashed by the Scientology creepos.
If you think the movie is shit, you should have a look at the book!
I'd rather sit on an anthill than watch Battlefield Earth.
by Hugh G Rection January 16, 2006
Honor bestowed upon graduation to the dude in the class who came the most during the course.
Yes, I graduated Magna Cum Laude... i fucked every chick in class... even the dogs!
by Hugh G Rection December 02, 2005

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